Welcome to TĒ Life.

Our company, TĒ Life is known for making turmeric tea. We believe every ingredient that goes into our drinks should help to heal the body not harm it. 

Get Your Health Back

We offer three different varieties of Turmeric Tea.The varieties are, Sweetened with Honey "Original", Stevia Sweet, and Unsweetened. We would like you to research the benefits of the tea yourself but here are some of the benefits that thealkalinezone.comorganicfacts.net, and bodyunburdened.com says about the ingredients. 

  • Turmeric : Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Arthritic, Cancer Fighter, Immune Booster
  • Ginger : Boost Bone Health, Settles Upset Stomach, Prevents Cold and Flu, Promotes Healthy Heart
  • Lemon : Aids in Digestion, Detoxifies Liver and Kidneys, Aids Weight Loss, Disease Fighter
  • Raw Honey : Sleep Aid, Energy Booster, Helps with Allergies, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral Properties
  • Alkaline Water : Lowers Cholesterol, Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxident Cleansing, Better Hydration