How We Got Started

         In 2013, I got really sick and was put on several inhalers and antibiotics. I couldn't seem to get better. I was drinking several cases of bottled water a week ( in a plastic container) and was eating the normal American Diet. I eventually started researching everything that I was putting in, on or around my body and WOW was I shocked. I googled every ingredient to see if it could help my body or harm it. I would say 50% of the ingredients that I was eating in my food either caused cancer or some other debilitating disease. That is when my transformation began. I started eating organic whole foods, drinking alkaline water in glass containers, started juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables every day, getting off sugars and experimenting with teas such as the turmeric teas to better my health. The results were amazing. My body finally had a chance to heal. I got off all my inhalers and antibiotics. It was such a great feeling to finally get my health back. I then researched even further and saw that all the lotions and shampoos, etc. were also cancer causing ingredients and I changed all that out too.  So, of course, being a wife and mother of four children, my conscience would not allow me to buy the products and food that I used to feed my kids and husband. Knowing the side effects of those ingredients led me to experiment with new ways of cooking and doing life. My husband had severe edema and was miserable. I started juicing fresh fruits and vegetables for him and making him this turmeric tea. At first, he complained about how different our diet was becoming but after a week, he told me," Don't ask me anymore if I want the juice or tea. I want it everyday." He finally told me after two weeks of drinking the tea and juicing, that his edema went away. He was shocked. He begged me to keep the tea in stock for him. We would have family gatherings and friends over to the house and I would have the tea available to drink. The tea would be gone and the other drinks from the parties would be untouched. I would have all ages asking for my turmeric tea when they came to the house. Finally, one day, my friends and family said," Why don't you bottle this for other people to enjoy?" So, here we are... It's kind of cool to think something like this could come out of a very bad experience and yet exciting. I love to know that I can help other people with my products. I want my consumers, distributors, family and friends to know that when they see the Logo TĒ, they don't have to worry about what the label ingredients are. We strive to put every ingredient in our products so that they will benefit your body not harm it. Here's to good health!